Audrey – 3 Years, 4-6 Months (March, April, May 2013)

Dear Audrey,
How much bigger and smarter you’ve become this quarter!

Important Achievements the Second Quarter:
-COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED, even at night.  We don’t put diapers on you at night anymore because it was irritating you
-However, we still do have accidents.  The last times you went (for no apparent reason) was April 13th in the bed, and April 14th on the staircase, April 22nd in the middle of the day.  There have been several other accidents that randomly happened.  We still put diapers on occasionally at night.
-Very verbal when in comfortable situations
-We have tried to socialize with other children, especially over the weekends

Important Events the Second Quarter:
-Mommy’s cousin, Ms. C came to visit and you had fun playing with her.  She also put the finishing touches to your dollhouse that was not built yet. (3/22/13)

-We had a wonderful Easter Party with our church group and friends (3/30/13)

-We went to the “Butterfly Museum” – The World of Wings which you loved (4/6/13)

-We went to the Museum of Natural History and revisited our friend the Big Whale, and the skeletons (4/20/13)

-Celebrated Mother’s Day cupcake party (5/13/13)

-Pool party (5/26/13 & 5/27/13

Verbal Skills:
-Vocabulary is expanding
-Mommy and Daddy are working at having you explain more things (Eg. What is the difference between a elephant and giraffe? – Your response, “The giraffe has a long neck!  The elephant has a long nose!”)

Drawing/Writing Skills:
-Can draw nice pictures of people and animals
-You are working on your letters, especially in school
-Definitely left handed, but can do things with the right hand (like feeding yourself) if directed to do so
-You can kind of write your name on your own.

Math Skills:
-Can count consistently by yourself to Forty and maybe Fifty
-Mommy is trying to work on adding simple things, but you don’t get it yet

Social Skills:
-You and your friend H really get well together.  It also helps that we are so chummy with her parents.  The latest was when we went to the Butterfly museum and the Museum of Natural History together – you both had a great time!
-Getting used to your school
-Playing more with your sister and sharing a little when prompted to do so

Favorite Activities:
-Reading with mom and dad
-Playing with sister
-IPad, IPhone
-Favorite App is the “Endless ABC” on the Iphone and Ipad
-Favorite show is “Dora Dora.”  You no longer watch Sesame street as much.
-Like to dress up, especially in nice dresses – you are definitely going through a Princess phase

Favorite Foods:
-Korean food
-Grandma’s cooking
-Likes sweets, chocolate

-Quiet around strangers and in social settings, but more vocal at home
-Very feminine – lately, you have been crossing your legs like a lady

Still need to work on:
-Being friendly to people you don’t know
-Sharing your things
-Taking turns
-Being more vocal in social settings
-Not pushing your sister
-Thanking people
-Listening to parents and not having tantrums

We love you!

Love, Mommy and Daddy



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