Katie – 16 Months (May & June 2013)

Dear Katie,

You are still so hilarious!

Major Milestones for 16 Months:
-You walk everywhere, run, rarely crawl
-Can climb up entire flights of stairs if we are not careful
-Obeys commands
-Identifies family members objects when prompted
-Still can talk a lot more words than Audrey said at your age
-Shifts objects, can twirl it around
-Stacking objects all the time (esp the cap to your bottle)
-Able to sip solids from cups, but still prefers the bottle
-Still only with 8 teeth.
-Showing preference for the right hand

Notable events this month:
-You have been talking up a storm this month – a lot more words
-Went on your first international flight – to the Bahamas (first week of June, June 2-7)!  It was a fun trip.

-Got your first (May 22) and second haircut (June 13) – you look so dashing.

-Saw grandma and grandpa for the second week of June (8th through 17)
-Went back to the Butterfly Museum (June 9)
-Went to Atlantic City for the first time (June 15-16)
-Had a nasty booboo to your forehead – hit the edge of Ikea furniture – fortunately, it was a bad bruise, and the skin was intact (no scar) (June 21)
-Tree Trimming at our house (June 22)
-Aunt Jane came over and played with you (June 24).  You unfortunately hit your head again on the floor this day – we vow to be more careful.  We don’t want to lose any more brain cells.
-Swam in the pool (June 29)

-On the whole, you speak about 15-20 words consistently now.  Probably even more since.  It seems like you say something new every day and imitate us if we speak slowly and loudly enough.
-Thank you
-Halmi (short for halmoni, grandmother in Korean)
-Halbi (short for halabugi, grandfather in Korean)
-“A,” “B,” “C”
-“1,” “2”
-Doesn’t really sign as much anymore, perhaps because verbally you are able to communicate
-Very effectively points to objects and babbles, indicating when you want a certain object or to be fed (points to the bottle

-Eats more solids, about three meals daily
-Still bottle feeding whole milk about 3-4 servings a day of 4-8 ozs each
-Still constipated, drinking prune juice daily about 3 oz
-Vitamin drops daily (TriViFluor)
-Still dependent on the bottle, but often drink from a straw cup (you like the Zoli straw cups)

Sleep Schedule:
-You have two naps, one in the morning, one in the afternoon – exact time varies.  You sleep about 1-2 hours, sometimes 3 hour naps depending on how tired you are.  Sometimes when you take one nap, it is longer, about 3 hours.
-You love to roll around when you sleep
-No midnight or middle-of-the-night feedings
-Cosleeper, and sometimes wakes up only to be soothed back to sleep
-Not dependent on the pacifier ever to go to bed

Favorite Activities:
-Butting your head in whatever Audrey is doing.  If she is coloring, you want to do it too.  If she is reading, you snuggle close and pick out your own books.  If she has a toy, you sneak up next to her and grab whatever she has and run away….to a nearby adult.
-Often times you grab random articles of clothes, and drag it all over the place.  You like to go into closets and play with your own clothes, or shoes.
-The TV and Iphone do catch your interest, but not for too long.

-Very quiet and subdued at times, and loud when you want something.  When you are hungry or tired – you let us know by letting out a loud yelp.  If you are happy – then you are so quiet, it’s hard to know you are around.
-You speak a lot more thank Audrey at this age.  You watch less TV.  You are interested more in people and in what they are doing than what is on TV.  That is a good thing – I suppose.
-You often “share” your food with others, and like to give toys and things to other people as well

Quirky Yuna things:
-Still gets carsick often enough, we need to have a one-to-one supervision whenever you ride the car.  You have vomited over 10 times on various car rides.  Once you vomited after gulping down 8 ozs of milk in 5 minutes.  Maybe you have a small and sensitive stomach?
-Strawberry kisses have been commonplace this month.  You have done it so often, Audrey copies you.

-More words, signs
-More books read directly for you
-Writing – right now all you can manage is scribbling
-Maybe a mommy and me activity – you haven’t been to any groups at all outside of home.  This is different from Audrey who had been exposed to the classroom at this point (but she was an only child at that time).

We love you, our little mischievous dragon!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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