Audrey – 3 years, 7 months (June, July 2013)

Dear Audrey,

What a big girl you have become!  You even say to yourself – “Look, I am a big girl now!”

Important Achievements This Month:
-Completely potty trained.  Very few accidents.  Maybe one or two, but consistently using the potty every time.
-Can go potty, wipe, and flush the toilet by yourself.  You still need help after a good poop with the wiping, but you can sit on the toilet by yourself.
-More verbal in school.
-Can brush your teeth on your own.

Important Events in June:
-Bahamas Trip (June 2-7)

-Grandparents Visit (June 8-17)
-Butterfly Museum (June 9)
-Atlantic City (June 15-16)
-Tree trimming (June 22)
-Play in Pool & Tennis (June 29) – we need to work on having you actually play tennis and not just the clay sand in the court which you were doing.  BTW, you were riding the turtle with an adult nearby always.

-Set up Garden (June 30)
-Started to work with mommy on after dinner reading and writing/drawing.  Started in mid June after mommy’s vacation, and it’s now become a routine.  During weekdays, after dinner, mommy/daddy reads you several books (along with discussion), work on a preschool textbook, and work on writing letters.

Verbal Skills:
-Can clearly speak in complex sentences
-Able to explain how a certain incident occurred, even when you are the only one there (Eg. like when Yuna fell and hit her forehead, and you and the nanny were the only other people in the room – you specifically explained how it happened).

Drawing/Writing Skills:
-You are working on your letters in school – learning and writing each letter every week.  You are at the last two weeks of school
-Working on letters and improving penmanship at home
-Left handed, but also can draw and write with the right hand when prompted
-You can write your name, and a few words on your own

Math Skills:
-Can count consistently from one to forty and maybe fifty
-Can add as long as it can be counted on the fingers, and problems and visually illustrated

Social Skills:
-Best friend is H
-Doing well at her school – we will be sad when it is done with
-Playing silly games with your sister – you like to make her laugh

Favorite Activities:
-Singing – you can sing whole songs by yourself.  You have recently memorized, “I see the Light” (Tangled), “I’m Wishing” (Snow White), “Perfect Slumber Party” (Princess Sofia the First).  Previously, you had memorized “Part of your World” (The Little Mermaid), “Colors of the Wind” (Pocohontas).  We’re talking about memorizing entire songs and singing pieces of them over and over again.
-Reading with mom and dad
-Playing with sister
-Watching videos of the various songs over and over again
-Dresses – especially the blue polka dot dress with white stripes that grandma got a while back (Winter 2012).  You love this dress, carry it around with you all day, and want to wear it all the time.

Favorite Foods:
-Home made food, especially made by grandma.
-Rice, Anchovies (Myulchie), Squid (Jangjorim) unseasoned and seasoned
-M&Ms (you have been caught twice now in the pantry with the door closed, with your fingers in the Trail Mix bag.  You couldn’t hide it from mommy too long though…)
-Ice-cream, especially the strawberry flavor (she doesn’t eat this often though, so when she does, it’s a real treat)

-Disobedient, especially around mealtimes – you are not staying at the table
-More vocal at home – tends to yell when you are upset and then walks away

Still need to work on:
-Your penmanship and writing.  You are left handed – Mommy is trying to see if you can write more with your right hand (will create less smudging)
-Opening up to people you don’t know
-Sharing your things
-Being more vocal (Your teacher recommended taking karate)
-Thanking people, greeting people
-Staying at the dinner table
-Curbing tantrums

OK, big girl.  You’ll do great things and we’ll help you.  Just don’t wear the same dress everyday and stop singing whole songs before bedtime.


Mommy and Daddy

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