Katie – 17 Months (June, July 2013)

Dear Katie,

You have definitely gotten more active and rambunctious this past month!  Your personality is coming out and it is so different than your sister!


Major Milestones for 17 Months:
-Walking and Running Everywhere
-Talk over 30 words and adding new words on a daily basis – in fact we’ve lost count
-Climbing everywhere, including the stairs (you’ve climbs entire flight of stairs in a blink of an eye)
-You attempt to climb down stairs with minimal support from a wall or a stair post
-Eat a lot more
-Share a whole lot
-Growing your 9th teeth on upper right side

Notable events this month:
-Fourth of July Party (7/4/13)
-Started your first mommy-and-me gym class (7/23/13)
-Many Friends coming over to our place

-Too many to count – you are learning on a consistent basis.  You have said all the words last month including……-Mermaid, Good night, Me? (or Na?), Dora
-We think that your sister Audrey is definitely playing a role in your verbal advancement – in fact Audrey eggs you on

-Still feeding from the bottle – about 3-4 times daily, about 3-8 ozs each
-Also eating a lot more meals (actual food)
-Can feed yourself, but it often tends to be messy.

Sleep Schedule:
-You still have two naps, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon.  Exact timing varies.  Each nap is about 1 hour long.

Favorite Activities:
-Engaging in whatever Audrey is doing
-Walking under the table
-Grabbing clothes out from the dresser and strewing it all over the place
-Interestingly, you do not LOVE the iphone as your sister does.  Cannot really do ENDLESS ABC and haven’t gotten the hang of it.
-Have been crawling up tables – we have been scolding you, so you don’t do it as much.

-Still getting carsick, vomiting in the car about once every 1-2 weeks.  We have extra stash of plastic bags, paper towels, and always pack a change of clothes in the car whenever we go on car rides now.
-More aggressive and social than Audrey

-Signing time – you can sign some things
-Scribbling activities
-Started Mommy-and-me gym class and you LOVE IT!!!  Maybe that’s why you are crawling all over the place
-Identifying words and imaging now – favorite book is “My First Words” which is just a board book with a word and picture (Eg. Girl, Boy, Apple, etc)

We Love you!
-Mommy and Daddy

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