Katie – 18 Months (July, August 2013)

Dear Katie,

What an active and energetic child you are!

Here are your stats:
Head Circumference

Major Milestones for 18 Months:
-Walking and Running EVERYWHERE
-Climbing up and down stairs by yourself
-Can climb down stairs while holding the banister or a wall
-Eating solids a lot more
-About 8 new teeth are breaking through, two on either side of your existing 8 teeth.  You are constantly putting your fingers in your mouth and occasionally drooling, but it is all good!

Notable events this month:
-Our home furniture finally came in
-Our cabana is finally getting done
-Carpeting got fixed

-Again, too many to count.  We can understand you and you understand us.
-Signing boat, car, banana, apple, etc.

-Bottle feeding whole milk – 3-4 feedings usually 6-8 each.
-Eating more real food
-You are highly independent and feed yourself with utensils- fork, spoon, and chopsticks
-You like to drink from a cup either with or without a straw

Sleep Schedule:
-You sleep 1-2 naps a day, sometimes one nap
-If you don’t sleep well – you are cranky for the whole day through
-Is showing a preference for being rocked to sleep while being carried on someone’s back – this is primarily grandma’s doing

Favorite Activities:
-Running around after Audrey
-Becoming more social with Audrey
-Going on top of tables – again we have attempted to curtail this
-Gym time – LOVE THE GYM

-Social/Very vocal – like to high five the gym teacher and able to hold your own in the class (which starts at 18-19 months, but we slipped you in at 17 months)

Quirky Yuna Things:
-Still getting carsick, but on longer car rides, and if we show you signing time and keep you distracted, you don’t vomit

-Signing Time
-“Reading” board books
-Gym class every week, which you love

Keep on being who you are!

Mommy and Daddy

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